Creating a Pathway that Leads to Success


The path leading to success varies from one woman to the next. But no matter what field or industry you wish to succeed in, there are considerations every young girl or woman should heed to avoid veering off in the wrong direction. It’s never too early to start working toward developing the successful life you envision yourself living.


[dropcap type=”rounded”]A[/dropcap] Seed is Planted. Early on in life, as young as the early teens, girls are exposed to activities, ideas and concepts that can spark an interest in what might eventually become their career. Become actively involved in these interests and take every opportunity to learn more to begin building a foundation for success.


[dropcap type=”rounded”]B[/dropcap] uilding and Protecting Your Online Reputation. Careful use of social media venues may not seem important at 13, but pictures and comments posted can come back to haunt you later. Think before posting to protect your reputation on and offline.


[dropcap type=”rounded”]B[/dropcap] uilding and Maintaining Your Image. Appropriate behavior will help form the impressions people form of you, and these impressions can make or break your career potential.


[dropcap type=”rounded”]T[/dropcap] he Importance of Education. The education that prepares you for career success starts long before you go off to college. Course work and hands-on experiences that support your interests, help build skills and prepare you for the field or industry of your choice are the building blocks that pave the way toward success.


[dropcap type=”rounded”]S[/dropcap] urround Yourself with the Right People. You’ll know you’re surrounded by the right people when you feel inspired, encouraged and motivated to succeed. When the people you spend time with leave you feeling the opposite, it’s a clear signal that some housecleaning is in order and you must be more careful in selecting those you become close to.


[dropcap type=”rounded”]M[/dropcap]ake Adjustments Along the Way. Even the best laid plans sometimes need adjusting. Be flexible enough to recognize when slight changes need to be made and invested enough in your own success to make them.


There are likely to be bumps along the way, but careful planning, education, reputation management and people that inspire you to succeed can help you avoid common problems that prevent some women from achieving success. Invest time into yourself and career by listening, learning and taking action to become the successful woman you aspire to be. Remember, success is a process, not just a destination.



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