Current Movers & Shakers and Their Roads to Success

Some women make success look easy and others appear to have achieved it overnight. But a great deal of work and effort goes into making success look easy. Likewise, it takes time to become an overnight success. As you progress on your own path toward success, find inspiration from these movers and shakers who didn’t allow trials, failures or challenges to keep them from achieving their goals. If they can do it, then you can do it, too.

Rhonda Sciortino: Turning Your Experiences into Your Success

Rhonda Sciortino Session_5 use this or #7A childhood consisting of abuse, hunger and poverty would be enough to keep any woman down. But Rhonda Sciortino  chose to use her experiences to help others. She founded two companies, Human Services Insurance and Child Welfare Insurance Services to promote proper care and support for children in need and those who serve them. Eventually the multi-millionaire sold both businesses and now lives a life she says is made of dreams.




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