Periodization Training


Does your typical work-out schedule become more of a chore than an inspiration to GET Up. Move. Unleash Your Inner Athlete? Using the system of Periodization Training will help get you out of the “Plateau” schedule.

If you are working out three times a week for one hour and your work-out consists of Cardio, Weight-Training and a Cool-down. Change it up by “Cycling” your weeks. Begin with a two week period where one week you focus on Cardio three times per week for one hour.

Check in next Monday to find out how to incorporate Periodization Training into your Cardio work-outs.

[slabtext font=”BenchNine”][slab]Get up. Move. Unleash Your Inner Athlete.[/slab][/slabtext]

**Always consult with a physician prior to beginning an Exercise/Nutrition plan**

Periodization Training

Periodization Training


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