Women and Weights

Women and Weights

A common myth that weight-training will bulk up a woman’s body, is simply just that – A myth.  For women to bulk up and build large muscles, we would require a high level of testosterone (a male hormone), of which women lack.  Women who are quite active, and train at higher intensities than the norm, may experience an imbalance of the androgen hormone,  (the male hormone in women). Thus creating a more muscular lean body.

The benefits of women and weight-training  includes, but not limited to – Healthy lean muscle tissue, Increases Metabolism,  Increase of Bone Density,  Prevention and/or treatment of Osteoporosis, Increased Energy and Stamina, Improved Posture and Mental Clarity.

De-bunk the myth and fear ladies.  Begin the journey of transforming your body today with weight-training!

*Always consult with your physician prior to beginning a Exercise/Lifestyle Plan**


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