Work from Home and Stay Fit

Working from home takes discipline and dedication to a schedule. Unfortunately, when we run short on time, it’s our fitness routine and commitment to a healthy lifestyle that are often the first to be sacrificed. We have been challenged to work from home and stay in shape. As entrepreneurs, work-from-home moms, mompreneurs, we put in long hours — longer than the typical 40 hour corporate workweek. At the same time, you may be raising your children, taking care of your husband and running the household. With that said, it’s hard to find time to stay in shape. If you work in front of a computer, it’s difficult to remind yourself to get up every hour or two to allow your blood to circulate and keep your heart healthy. There’s good news though. Our Women Biz Works team went out and spoke to various business women, looked at products and found items and ideas that can assist us with our goal to stay healthy and fit while remaining successful and having time for family.

Below is a list of various items that we’ve found helpful. Keep in mind, we are not medical experts and cannot make any claims other than these products are worth checking out to see if they might help you with your wellness journey. Results and success will vary and will depend on your efforts. From fitness gear to sun protection, how to stay in shape while working at your desk to new products that are still under development — we are building a resource for you. As we discover more products, tips and tools we will update the list. Some items may be affiliate links and links to partner sites. If you have a product or idea that has helped you, please leave a comment below. We would love to hear from you! Let’s keep each other accountable to striving for success both in our careers and in our commitment to a living a healthy life.


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